Selecting the a best softball bats is a difficult task, failure to choose the right bat translates to poor results on the pitch. The main question therefore is which method or criteria to use to ensure you select the right softball bat. For simplicity, let’s breakdown the whole process into three questions

• How heavy does the bat weigh

• How long is the bat

• How does the bat drop


The weight of the bat directly affects how easily (or not), you hit the ball. A heavy bat will more likely than not to be difficult to swing and accurately make contact with the ball, this is mainly because the extra weight of the bat tends to pull it downwards. A heavy bat affects the speed with which you hit the ball and also the velocity of the batted ball. In most cases a heavy bat leads to inaccuracy, fatigue and consequently poor performance on the pitch.

On the other hand, a very light bat tends to affect the speed at which the ball moves once it’s been hit. In scientific terms, the contact between the ball and the bat is a collision of two objects, like in all collisions; both objects will move towards the direction of the lighter object- in this case the ball. The speed at which the ball moves will depend on how hard the bat swings and most importantly the weight of the hitting object. A heavier bat will hit the ball harder and for a longer distance.

How then do you select the perfectly weighing bats

The simplest way to select a bat of appropriate weight is to swing the bat. The golden rule is that a bat of the right weight for you tends to move it on a horizontal axis; a heavier bat will drag downwards and cause your swing to tilt upwards at an angle. Furthermore, holding the bat for over 30 seconds with your arms open and stretched is an indicator that the bat you are holding is of the appropriate weight.


The length of the bat contributes to how harder and further you hit the softball, a very long bat, longer than the recommended length for a person your height will often lead to lower speed of the ball once hit. A shorter bat is likely to hit the ball harder due to easier control and better hit, the simplest way to select the right bat is to place it on your chest with your arms wide open, if the bat goes beyond your fingertips, it’s too long, on the other hand if it does not get past your wrist, it’s probably too short for a person your height. There is however the aspect of balancing the length and the weight for better impact. This is where the bat drop comes in.

Bat drop

This is simply the ratio between the length and weight of the bat, the higher the drop the lighter the bat will be and consequently it will be easier to swing. Normally, if you are a big player you may tend to prefer heavier and longer bats, however, such bats may not always be perfect for you. It’s important to try different bats and settle for the one which feels most comfortable.

Finally, other aspects such as the material used to make the bat and the price (in case you are buying) should also be carefully considered to get the right balance of a great bat and a not so great effect on your credit card.

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Overview of the Product:
When this ATV is bought by you tire collection, you will obtain Wanda ATV tires 25X10-12 6PR P350 tires that are offered for your ATV. This kind of tire is now very famous among many customers. It has extra shoulder lugs, to be able to safeguard the edge of the tire efficiently. This ATV tire furthermore includes large nylon building that may withstand against any kind of punctures and in addition erosion. It is extremely easy for one to set up this ATV tire on your own ATV, especially when you would like to have good stability on your own ride. You should be in a position to enjoy your experience if you are using this Wanda ATV tires. This particular Wanda ATV tire is made to be an excellent OEM replacement wheel designed for ATV. This particular Wanda tire was created with an excellent operating tread pattern made to work in multiple problems.You also can see more details at .

wanda atv tires review

Features of the Product:
vIncredible Traction
This inexpensive off road tire provides incredible traction within an array of trails. It shall provide unthinkable grip in heavy dirt, rocks and deep mud even. This Dirt tire is made to period pickup truck through the worst type of street conditions without having slipping.
v Exceptional Rock Climbing
Do you like a little bit of mountain and hill climbing? This particular tire is made to provide superior rock climbing plus efficient surface area grip. It offers your truck the energy to move heavy and bulky products along steep valleys.
v6-ply Polyester
6-ply Polyester style makes this wheel pretty sturdy. It offers the tire enough capacity to withstand bruises and punctures. This tire can be durable because the 6-ply style gives this particular tire level of resistance in order to deterioration.
v Sound Free
it includes a computer-optimized tread style that greatly reduces street noise. Consequently, the tread style ensures a noise free of charge ride even though speeding on tough roads. It is designed to give you an enjoyable and smooth ride.
vRim Protector
Road hazards hinder smooth rides usually! This tire includes rim protectors that will protect from all street hazards. This tire is really a sure solution to give your pickup truck some new energy and reduce necessary regular tire repairs.

Benefits of Using the Product:
The Wanda ATV Tires 25X10-12 6PR P350 is affordable relatively, and it gives unequaled performance in a number of rinks. It offers curved knobs that kitchen sink in virtually any terrain to provide superior traction. Whatever the terrain grip is quite vital, that’s why the maker includes middle lugs for additional grip. The guts lugs also provide much better dealing with plus control – you’ll enjoy maximum handle of your truck in every conditions. It functions built-inside rim protector that guards your steering wheel against dings and dents. This tire will look as stunning as new despite having extended use always. It is resilient also. It includes long-range tread substance.
Pros of the Product:
®It arrives at an incredible cost.
® It is long lasting because of the 6-ply stand design.
®It includes unbelievable traction inside heavy dust, stones, and mud.
®It offers edge protectors to protect towards all street risks.
Cons of the Product:

®It doesn’t match about all tires.
®It takes time and efforts to fit it inside the rim thus choose an expert for the tire replace.
Customer Reviews:
I have been by using this best wanda ATV tires going back few months. I have not now got any problems still. I was amazed to get that these tires did wonders.
These are excellent. Not pretty as good for dried out or wet results in off road and dried out or wet dust roads because the Dirt Lite tires are usually IMHO, but I’m happy with them. They’re a stiffer follow and do not conform to the bottom as well, which slashes in to the road a lot more, however they do hold and pull nicely. If cutting into you’re looked after dirt roads aren’t an issue carefully, they are good.
Based on the Amazon client critiques this ATV tires have obtained f4.5 out of 5 stars which is amazing absolutely. Moreover the two 2 New WANDA ATV Tires 25X10-12 6PR P350 is quite definitely suitable for you individually and I recommend one to purchase it without the delay.

For rocky basically, muddy and almost all dirt roads, this New Wanda ATV Tires 25X10-12 6PR P350 manufactured ATV will come in 2 sets once you order them. These are services but currently have loyal followers which verify its high reliability and quality. The collection has 2 various wheel diameters, leading tires smaller compared to the rear to provide the particular essential incline, cyclists discovered to become more exciting. Among the best varieties, this product is among the dubbed ATV wheels, so called due to its durability yet durable building and tread style may possibly also journey via deserts easily. The aforementioned Wanda ATV tires review will help you make absolutely sure you have the greatest tires for your require.

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Super Swamper VAM-20 Vampire (25X12-12)

Overview of the Product:
I am absolutely sure there are many ATV enthusiasts on the market who feel disappointed by their tires every time they venture out for a trip. Whether it’s skidding or even getting trapped inside substantially “easy” landscape, your tire might fail you when it’s needed the most. Worse nevertheless, you might be putting all of the blame on your own motor for poor overall performance without taking  the smallest clue your tires are actually responsible for the indigent show. For anyone people who have already been yearning to obtain the ultimate ATV encounter, for anyone who would like to keep carefully the encounter intense without diminishing on the safety or even being scared associated with skidding, you must realize that the very best Super Swamper VAM-20 Vampire (25X12-12) tires make sure your ATV will be able to navigate through solid snowfall, rocky and tough terrain effortlessly by splitting through the tough edges of whichever scenery you are in. Become it an exotic terrain with overwhelming sand depth or perhaps a swampy land having an astonishing level of sticky and dense dirt, it’ll give you the greatest of both sides by making certain it is possible to navigate through like terrains while sticking with a smooth ride. It is possible to count on this very super swamper ATV tires in order to crack through this kind of terrains easily, whilst providing on the scintillating mud-slinging or gravel- busting experience a person therefore yarn with regard to. This Swamper is therefore solid they continue steadily to work under almost all weight conditions even though punctured.

Best Super Swamper VAM-20 Vampire

Features of the merchandise:

– It functions 6 ply styles for puncture, rip and put on level of resistance.
– It includes excellent overall performance inside mud, hard snow and pack.
– This sticks out from numerous comparable tires because of its distinct style.
– The rim protector guards against bents and dents.
– It offers your truck a sturdy and beautiful appearance.
– This particular tire comes with an outstanding 500000 kilometers guarantee.

Benefits of Utilizing the Product:
For starters, these wheels are not nearly their great performance. These tires are usually heads and shoulder blades that beat all others since they have an uncommon characteristic that allows them to blend overall performance with style to get the best outcome on / off the street. It really is known for an undeniable fact that is ATV isn’t just about overcoming the task posed by a landscape but it is actually a means of existence along with a fashion declaration. To some large degree, this particular ATV is approximately show-off! The treads are usually occurred a stylistic and performance-effective way that provides a beauty and fashion no matter where you’re driving. This swamper ATV tires goes quite a distance in making certain your vehicle will not get trapped very easily in dull problems by enhancing your motor energy. Stability will be everything in ATV minus it; your ATV is simply as common because any common little bit of automotive out there.

Pros of the Product:

– This tires offer you even more traction within slick, wet conditions and are less inclined to spin and rewrite in the mid.
– This tires offer better lateral and vertical stability than almost every other types of tires.
– These tires go longer than other tires usually.
– This tires supply the greatest grip in wet snowfall.

Cons of the Product:
– These tires don’t self-clean and also mud tires.
– Racing tires are not a great choice for driving on softer areas, like mud plus smooth earth.
Customer Reviews:
I have been by using this Super Swamper VAM-20 Vampire (25X12-12) going back one year. I’ve not got any issues still now. Getting a tread level of 43/32nds, this particular Vampire design offers complete traction and contains a longer life span compared to any other course. The particular VAM-20 is definitely the most difficult as it continue steadily to work even though punctured below any loaded situation.
Without air rather than unseated from the rim even, this wheel could get a person back again from to begin to make the required maintenance. Off- street terrain can make this particular tire on the road. Evaluating only 30 pounds an aspect is had by this beast ratio of 12 and rim diameter of 12 inches. Besides reduced lateral traction, this particular tire offers unparalleled and reverses tractions maneuvered through probably the most tightened hold on top. The merchandise is 4-ply ranked and went through rigid check prior to being unveiled in the marketplace on the 16th associated with January 2012.
This particular tire are designed for around 430 lbs. associated with load through solid mud, snowfall, fine sand, rock and virtually all durable terrain. The particular VAM-20 happens to be ranked as a 5-star artist in virtually all Amazon. Com reviews because of customers’ trust and self-confidence with its reliability. The above super swamper ATV tires review will help you help to make certain you have the best tires for the need.

This Swamper ATV tires are one of the best designed tires of it is league perhaps. The deep stand design enjoys the advantages of longer life, therefore, giving an individual sufficient time and energy to recoup their expense while taking pleasure in the experience of a life time.
Model Vampire ATV wheels won’t “suck the blood” from your pockets, it’ll even save you more on time, money and energy so long as you have these types of tires in your In

Overview of the Product:
Super ATV Terminator Tire 29.5/10/14 is among the hottest ATV tires for that avid followers of the all-terrain vehicle may be the mud-slinging and something heck of a design Terminator ATV tires. There are numerous ATV tires plus tires which are incredibly priced higher compared to the Terminator but certainly have inferior characteristics. You can give view for the worthwhile expense in tires once you read this useful evaluation. The Terminator ATV tires within mud go an extremely good way stretching this particular terrain and overcoming all feasible hurdles on their route. This particular tire has among the deepest tread actually created for an ATV. Averaging two inches comprehensive, the tread goes quite a distance towards attaining invincibility for a complete adventure and fun, increase it, the very best comfort and rides a rider may experience. Terminator tires are usually Extremely ATV’s premier items which come in collection dimensions. Super ATV is is one of the important manufacturers that market numerous automotive items like add-ons and tires, from ATV tires aside, with regard to motorcycles, power sports activities vehicles along with other products. You can pour your rely upon this company. This best Terminator ATV tires review will provide you with the best advice in getting among the best designed tires the manufacturing have to offer. Even though tires are all manufactured in durable rubber, all of them are made and recyclable through the most recent state-of-the-art technology.

Best Super ATV Terminator Tire 29.5-10-14

Features of the Product:
– This particular Terminator model ATV tire includes a 2-inch deep tread, invincible inside muddy terrain virtually.
– Having an area width of 10 inches and rim size of 14 inches
– This wheel could actually smash mud using
– It’s curved tread style and therefore drives the soil from the automobile and its rider.
– Built in composite 6-ply,
– The tire is made for off-road use.
– The wheel capacity is an amazing 585 lbs.
– Optimum load at seven psi tire stress, plenty of to transport the particular heaviest of the traveler.
– The tire holds firmly to all landscape sorts unequaled simply by its rivals within exactly the same category.
– The traction is which can scale the steepest road and hills easily even.
– The Super ATV Terminator customers decided that tire can reduce the stress affected about the ATV’s shock absorber especially the back.
– This is clearly a big alleviation for any hardworking component.

Benefits of Using the Product:
All of the new products will be ideal for each manufacturer. One organization that will benefit probably the most is High Lifter probably. These best Terminator ATV tires might pressure everyone into purchasing Super ATV Terminator’s fresh Gear Lift setup. This bolt on item allows share or underpowered devices to show the big wheels without straining the particular motor, all whilst providing any machines 4 inches associated with added rise. Along with an ideal balance associated with durability and strength these six ply tire is among the most intense dirt tires in the marketplace. Giving you improved hold and traction Super ATV offers developed this tire with a 2″ angled tread design. Featuring a load capability of 585 @ 7 psi these types of tires are really unmatched by your competition. Mudding can be harmful to your wheels, to be able to guard against these wheels have a built-in edge guard to safeguard all of them from dings plus dents. That is virtually a smart choice. The terminator will be in a course of its own with regards to ride in an enormous mud tire.

Pros of the Product:
– Unmatched grip once the heading gets tough
– Built inside rim safeguard to protect tires from dings and dents
– Distinctive tapered tread with regard to self-cleaning

Customer Reviews:
I have been by using this Super ATV Terminator Tire 29.5/10/14 for the final one year. I have not right now got any problems still.
Super ATV’s Terminator tires is without doubt probably the most intense mud wheels in the marketplace. The ability is had by the Terminator to take you’re other tires can only just dream of going. The Terminator 6 Ply construction is made for ultimate rough-road overall performance, guarding against all of the terrain and thorns it is possible to put it through. Using its angled tread style, the tire diverts mud aside for improved hold and traction.
The Super ATV Terminator Tire 29.5/10/14 happens to be ranked as a 5-star artist in virtually all Amazon. Com reviews because of customers’ trust and self-confidence with its reliability.

The Terminator group of tires is really a proverbial bargain budget conscious ATV and folks enthusiasts could make the most of. Ingeniously engineered to market safety and ultimate comfort and ease for ATV riders, the Terminator ATV tires series gave them numerous choices which height and dependability their automobile would run. The varying dimensions, but no high quality diminished, ATV wheels and wheels could right now be reversible with one of these different dimension offerings by Super ATV. For those wheels to accomplish long-lasting service, additionally it is recommended to help keep the tires’ air flow pressure in 5-7 psi all the time.